Watermelon of the Pharoahs

In honor of Watermelon season, here is a previous post from 2008:

Watermelon Cube Heart Pyramid Trapezoid Shape


Okay, so this is something I just had to share with you all. My dear friend Shawna was in the Yamanashi prefecture of Yamanakako, Japan this week and she spotted these watermelons in a variety of peculiar shapes and sizes. Clockwise from top left is a pyramid shaped watermelon for $500, yes folks $500, a trapezoid watermelon for $400, a cubed watermelon for $200, and last but not least, the two fancy heart-shaped watermelons going for $200 for the small, and $350 for the large. Wow, these sure are some pricey shaped watermelons. Although I am a big fan of the fruit, I would have to say that for $350, I would rather have the Botkier Lita Lambskin Clutch in gorgeous fuschia at Neiman's, even over the emerald seedless heart-shaped watermelon in Yamanakako. But the pyramid watermelon, well that may be a whole different story.