Crumbs Cupcakes

Crumbs Cupcakes

Coconut Cupcake & Orange w/Sprinkles on Vanilla Cake

It was a lovely Sunday afternoon in Los Angeles and my sweet tooth was kicking in. I skipped out on donuts earlier at church, enjoyed a Japanese feast with friends at Hide, and spent several hours guitar shopping out in West L.A.. Since I knew I was going through Beverly Hills, I figured, I'd get a cupcake. Well, after seeing at least 30 people in line at Sprinkles, I drove a block or so down Santa Monica Blvd and walked right in, no line to Crumbs Bake Shop. I ordered 3 cupcakes –Red Velvet, Lemon, and a Chocolate Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting with Sprinkles (sans the 20 minute wait in line). To my pleasant surprise, they were all super tasty, delicious and the whole transaction took less than 4 minutes. As with the other cupcakeries, they were sugar loaded and rich, but the cake at Crumbs was light, fluffy, not dense and heavy at all. I didn't feel like there was a 4 pound rock in my stomach after eating one.

Not only did it satisfy my craving for something sweet, but I also got a few chuckles thinking about how I was already driving up the hill home while those Sprinkles customers were still standing there in the rare chilly not so fantastic L.A. weather.

With locations in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and California, Crumbs Bake Shop originated in 2003 on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

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