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SF Chefs. Food. Wine. – CHEF PICS

SF Chefs Food Wine

Here are pics of the Chefs from SF Chefs. Food. Wine event held in San Francisco's Union Square. During this food filled weekend oasis, many of the top Bay Area chefs were on hand serving the most delectable bites at the Opening Night Rising Star Chefs Reunion, the Grand Tastings, and the Urban BBQ which were all held in the tents at Union Square. For FOOD pics, visit SF CHEFS FOOD PICS.

I will be posting the Mixologist/Wine Pics next…


Chef Mattin Noblia of Iluna Basque

chef Jenn Puccio Cortez
Chef Jenn Puccio of Cortez w/Bruleed Fig with Kaffir Lime Oil and Vanilla Salt
Scalas Jennifer Biesty

Scala's Executive Chef Jenn Biesty and Team

Chef Gregory Short Masas

Chef Gregory Short of Masas


Executive Chef Tom Rhodes & Charles Modzelewski of Asia de Cuba

Chef Ryan Scott at SF Chefs

Ryan Scott w/his Roasted Red Grape & White Bean Crostini

Chefs Craig Stoll, Juan Contreras, Kristoffer Toliao 

Luce's Juan Contreras & Kristoffer Toliao w/ Delfina's Craig Stoll

Ola Fendert Oola 

Oola Chefs w/their famous Baby Back Ribs

Chef David Bazirgan Chez Papa

Chef David Bazirgan of Chez Papa

Chef Staffan Terje Perbacco
Perbacco's Umberto Gibin w/ House Cured Local Sardine w/Salsa Verde

Chefs Piperade Bocadillos

Piperade and Bocadillo Chefs

Christopher Kostow
Christopher Kostow of The Restaurant at Meadowood

RN74 Chefs
Pastry Chef & Sous Chef at RN74

SF Chefs Food Wine

Chef Rodrigo da Silva

Chef Rodrigo da Silva of Corso w/ Baby Burrata Stuffed w/Figs

Chef Michelle Mah of Midi

Chef Michelle Mah of Midi

chef joseph humphrey murray circle
Murray Circle's Chef Joseph Humphrey

Corey Lee's Soup
Corey Lee's Team prepping his divine Potato Soup
DJ Chef Hubert Keller at SF Chefs
DJ/Chef Hubert Keller bringing down the house at SF Chefs Urban BBQ

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SF Chefs. Food. Wine – FOOD PICS


The inaugural SF Chefs. Food. Wine. event held over the weekend of 8/6-8/9 in San Francisco's Union Square was a long over due success that the Bay Area had been waiting for. It was absolutely wonderful to finally see the City by the Bay, with all it's culinary talent hosting an event showcasing all their finest talent.

In attendance over the weekend were many well known Bay Area chefs, mixologists, and wine makers from around the region. Some participating chefs included Charles Phan, Hubert Keller, Jamie Lauren, Thomas Keller, Roland Passot, Michael Mina, Christopher Kostow, Martin Yan, Tyler Florence, Emily Luchetti, Joanne Weir, Gary Danko, Traci Des Jardins, Craig Stoll, Sara Moulton, Chris Cosentino, Elizabeth Falkner, Daniel Patterson and Cindy Pawlcyn.

Kudos to Andrew Freeman & Co., Golden Gate Restaurant Association, Dominic Phillips Event Marketing, and Rebecca Chapa of Tanin Management for doing an excellent job of making SF Chefs. Food. Wine. such a huge success.

Here are some food pics from SF CHEFS. FOOD. WINE.. – I will also be sharing Mixologist/Winemaker Pics and Atmosphere Pics in my next post…


Gregory Short of Masa's Dungeness Crab Salad w/tomato gazpacho & micro celery


Piperade's Calamari & Watermelon Salad (Absolutely Perfect for the Hot Summer Day)


Luce's Compressed Tomato Water with watermelon, micro celery and sea salt


Chicken Liver with Peach Jam from Chef Paul Piscopo of XYZ

Gordon Drysdale's Bruschetta with Burrata, Tuscan kale, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Sea Salt


Eric Hopfinger's Moroccan Spiced Lamb Chops w/Chimichurri


Artisan Bread Sculpture – S.F. Baking Institute


Gitane's Bacon Bon Bons (Prunes Stuffed w/Goat Cheese Wrapped in Bacon)



Silver Moon Sorbet 

Silver Moon's Mojito ice sorbet drizzled w/rum & lime essence

Chef Justin Simoneaux of Moss Room's Monterey Squid w/Corn Relish
Corso's Baby Buratta Stuffed w/Figs
Corso's Baby Buratta Stuffed w/Figs & Drizzled with Honey


Ana Mandara's Ahi & Hamachi Tartare w/Avocado Mousse, Tobiko, Orange Vinaigrette


Perbacco's House Cured Sardine w/Salsa Verde


Cortez' Bruleed Figs w/Kaffir Lemon Oil & Vanilla Salt

Sweets from Chef Michel Suas of Thorough Bread and Pastry


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SF Chefs. Food. Wine Opening Night

sf chefs food wine 

Chefs Tyler Florence, Hubert Keller & Mayor Gavin Newsom

sf chefs food wine

S.F. Mayor Gavin Newsom and Chef Tyler Florence

The inaugural SF Chefs. Food. Wine. event launched yesterday with a ribbon cutting and traditional sabering ceremony in San Francisco's Union Square with Mayor Gavin Newsom, and host Chef Tyler Florence. Also in attendance, were event founder Andrew Freeman, The Golden Gate Restaurant Association, and many Bay Area chefs, restaurateurs, mixologists and chefs including Hubert Keller of Fleur de Lys.

Chef Corey Lee

Chef Corey Lee's Potato Soup w/Truffle & Sea Urchin

Gitane SF Gazpacho

Gitane's Gazpacho

Following the opening ceremony, was the Opening Reception which featured Bay Area's Rising Star Chefs and Bar Stars working their magic with their culinary delights and masterful drinks.

Reza Esmali

Mixologist Reza Esmali


Mixologists Dominic Venegas & Mike Hicks

Some of the participating chefs included Melissa Chou of Aziza, David Barzigan of Chez Papa Resto, Lisa Eyherabide of Gitane, Justin Simoneaux of Moss Room, and Corey Lee. The mixologists strutting their stuff included Brooke Arthur, Marco Dionysos, Martin Cate, Reza Esmali, Dominic Venegas, Neyah White, Thad Vogler, and Carlos Yturria.

Bill and Vanessa Higgins  

The fabulous Vanessa and Bill Higgins

Rachel Mann, Mika Takeuchi, Elyssa Thorp 

Rachael Mann, Mika Takeuchi & Elyssa Thorp

Great Fellow Food Lovers from Bunrab

Artisan Bread at SF Chefs Food Wine


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