Oops! Red Wine Stain Remover

Red wine remover

We love red wine and we love cute outfits, but we don't love when the two of them collide unexpectedly. So for those unfortunate messy situations, there is Oops! Red Wine Stain Remover. We discovered this product while traveling in Japan, but haven't had much luck locating this product in the U.S., but thankfully for modern technology, we did find a few shops online and overseas where it can be purchased. There are also other brands out there, but we happen to quite like this catchy Oops label. So in the meantime, we have our Oops label on hand to keep our other labels (missoni, pucci, & gucci) pristine and red wine stain free. There are also travel size Oops Stain Removers to tuck into your evening clutch, but we weren't as lucky to find those online.


"Developed by a wine lover to deal with those occasional spills. Oops! removes most red wine stains (both old and new) and is equally effective with fruit juices, sauces, cooking oils, coffee, cosmetics and some ink stains.

An Australian designed and manufactured product, Oops! is environmentally friendly as it contains natural citrus extracts and no bleaches or phosphates. It is biodegradable and has a delicate bouquet. It is suitable for use on most fabrics".


Available at theWineSociety