Chef Susan Feniger’s Kaya Toast at STREET

Susan feniger street kaya toast

Susan Feniger's creativity is ever so present at her Hollywood restaurant STREET. At this friendly hot spot, she prepares popular street food dishes from around the world adding her own artistic touch. Out of all the dishes on the menu, the one that stood out most to my dinner companions and I on several occassions was the Kaya Toast – a Singaporean dish that combines sweet and savory with "toasted bread spread thick with coconut jam, served with a soft fried egg and drizzled with dark soy and white pepper". If you've never had Kaya Toast, the thought of coconut and soy sauce in the same dish may not sound so enticing, but take our word for it. This is a must-have dish that you will be craving for both a first course and dessert.

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742 N Highland Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90038


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