Jitlada Thai with Chef Jet Tila & Friends – Hollywood


I’ve been to Jitlada several times, and after a few not-so-fabulous experiences, I was about to write it off. That was until last weekend when I experienced a really wonderful meal at this Hollywood Thai spot. They say third time’s a charm, and it may be true, but I also believe that sometimes it really is best to leave it up to the chef. In this case, it was dining partner, friend and celebrated chef, Jet Tila who himself is of Thai origin and spent time as a child at the Bangkok markets while also growing up around his family’s restaurants.


Crispy Catfish Salad

Oxtail Soup

It’s time for some Singha

It’s no surprise that Jet knew exactly what to order from the expansive (and slightly intimidating) menu. The table of seven, were happy and relieved to leave the ordering process up to Jet. Each dish was a hit. They often say that it’s a good sign when folks from the restaurant’s culture are dining at the establishment and I truly believe that. They do, after all, know what is authentic and tasty in their home countries. For instance, if you see a Peruvians at a Peruvian spot, or Japanese at a Japanese restaurant, it’s probably a good sign to eat there.

Coco Mango Salad with Fresh shrimp & Cashews

Caryl is so sweet!

Whole Barramundi

Jet and the Ladies

Khao Yam “Songkhla” rice salad


From the Coconut Mango Salad to the Mussels in Thai basil and lemongrass, the dinner was made even better, by great company who were all passionate diners. Everyone in the group was not afraid to try extra-spicy cuisine, which is always an admired trait. After eating an entire chili pepper…on accident, I had to order a Thai iced tea, but the rest of the night was all beer, which paired fantastically with each uniquely flavored dish.

Coconut Ice Cream with red bean, yellow bean, & palm seed

Mango with Sticky Rice

Thanks, Jet for making me a Jet-lada, oops, I mean a Jitlada believer.


5233 W Sunset Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90027

(323) 663-3104

Learn more about Chef Jet Tila on his website, and if you happen to be in the Las Vegas area, check out Wazuzu Pan Asian Bistro in the Encore Las Vegas where Jet is the Executive Chef.

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