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Food Fashionista Mika Takeuchi Handbags
Taken with Instagram

This may look like an abstract painting, but it’s actually a vibrant, colorful sampling of my collection of handbags. From Balenciaga to Fendi, to limited-edition Hello Kitty, you’ll find it in my closet. Each of these cherished pieces represents a story, a memory, a history, of a time which most likely took place in a lounge, restaurant or cafe near home or some place exotic around the world. I’ll often find business cards, receipts, or matches (no, I don’t smoke) from a spot I dined at in one of the pockets or compartments and it’ll always make me reminisce and smile.

Food Fashionista Handbag tips:

-Clutches are perfect for evening drinks or dinner on the town.

-Crossbody bags are the ideal day bag. It will leave you hands free and ready to hold that latte and croissant on the go.

-Shoulder bags are a smart lunch or brunch time option. The roomier, the better for that unavoidable shopping stop on the way home. Just make sure it has pockets so you can find your stuff.

-Always pass on replica bags. If you can’t afford designer or luxury, it’s better to get a trendy, no-name bag that is current and stylish. Fake is never in style.

-Don’t be afraid of color. It’s the best way to add some splash to your wardrobe. Even if you love wearing muted colors, the bag will sparkle and speak volumes.

-When dining out, don’t leave your purse on the floor. Not only is it bad luck, but it’s dirty. There are plenty of purse hangers out there for sale that’ll protect your coveted investment.

**Oh, and I may be purging some of these bags soon, so stay tuned!