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Last week I was the judge for a Gilt City 80's costume contest for an advanced screening of the movie, Rock of Ages. For those who rocked it, there were several stellar prizes including a coveted first-place $500 credit at luxury-site Gilt.In the end, it paid to have a mullet, since the first and second prize winners both had them. Immediately following the contest, the packed Metreon house, was ready to rock and roll. I don't know if it's because I am already a huge fan of 80's rock (Def Leppard, Foreigner, Journey…), but I LOVED the movie. I'm actually surprised how much I enjoyed it. I wanted to dance and sing to every song. It was "awesome."

Rock of ages gilt city san francisco food fashionista

And speaking of awe, have you seen the latest cover of W Magazine with Mr. soon-to-be fifty-years old Tom Cruise. Woah. I know he probably worked out a ton and all, but hello, the man is looking quite good for turning half a century in a couple weeks. Seeing him on screen and on the cover of W (above), is a reminder that one can defy their number age, with a bit of healthy eating and exercise. If you don't believe me, look at another 80's-rock icon, Def Leppard's Phil Collen. I recently saw a YouTube video of him performing on Sunset Blvd., and I thought Def Leppard hired a 20-something to shred. Nope, the dude with the eight-pack abs is 54 year-old Def Leppard guitarist, Phil.

Rock of Ages is finally being released nationwide today and I'm anticipating seeing it again this weekend on IMAX. Rock on!

Here are some pics from the Gilt City Rock of Ages costume contest/screening:

Rock of ages gilt city san francisco

Mika takeuchi jay panlilio - rock of ages gilt city

Gilt city san francisco rock of ages food fashionista

Rock of ages movie food fashionista


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  1. Oh, I’m really happy this is finally showing. I have been seeing the commercials for a while and am curious. I like the pictures.

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