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Ever since I became the official San Francisco blogger for Nespresso USA, everyone always asks what machine happens to be my absolute favorite. It’s a tough question since each of them are sleek, contemporary, high-tech, and efficient. They are all unique and each hold a special place in my caffeinated heart, but today it’s all about the mean, lean, and sexy Maestria machine.

I’m so excited to announce that one of you lucky Nespresso fans will soon be the winner of a black standard Maestria machine. It retails for $549 and believe me folks, this is one fabulous coffee machine. This Nespresso model will bring an expert, professional, barista experience right into your home. I predict that once your friends and family know that you have this new addition to the household, you’ll be getting a lot more guests coming over. I’m no fortune teller, but that same scenario kind of happened to me.

Nespress Barista - Food Fashionista
 The luxurious Maestria machine includes a hands on, elegant, retro design, featuring high-quality materials and a full aluminum body. Versatility, capacity and expertise will allow you to prepare milk froth like a true barista with a new and improved steam pipe. You’ll be doing your own impressive coffee art in no time!

Nespresso Americas Cup Machine


And although we now know who won the 34th America’s Cup, everyone in San Francisco and many around the world are still buzzing about the thrilling twists and turns that occured with this world-class sailing event. Nespresso was the official coffee for the America’s Cup races and has been a dedicated supporter of this international sport of sailing for nearly a decade. They also sponsored Emirates Team New Zealand who fought an incredible race, but in the end it was Oracle Team USA who defended the cup here at home in the U.S.

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americas cup - nespresso

To celebrate America’s Cup, Nespresso even created a Limited Edition America’s Cup version of the black Maestria. The Limited Edition America’s Cup Maestria machine is embellished with the America’s Cup logo and International Maritime Signal Flags. It’s truly a collector’s item and a dreamy gift for the coffee lover and sailing fan. The giveaway is for the standard black Maestria machine, but the Limited Editon America’s Cup Maestria machine is truly a functional conversation piece and it’s available for a limited time at Nespresso Flagship Boutiques (New York, Miami, Boston, and San Francisco), Nespresso Boutique-in-Shop locations, through the Nespresso site.  

Nespress Grand Crus - Food Fashionista

Okay, now to the juicy contest details. To enter to win the standard black Nespresso Maestria machine with a set of Nespresso coffee capsules, leave a comment below expressing why you would love this black beauty in your life. Also, make sure to follow Food Fashionista on Twitter or Facebook or both. 

Winner will be chosen at random. Good luck, everyone!

Comments must be received by 11:59 pm PST on November 4, 2013, winner will be notified by November 6, 2013.

The machine is the exact same one (in black) as the one Penelope Cruz is daydreaming about below, but for a full description of the machine that may soon be yours, visit Nespresso USA.

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  1. I would love to win this because everyone in my family loves coffee, and we always wanted to own a good coffee machine

    I like you on Facebook as Elena Istomina

    Thank you for the chance!

  2. I would L-O-V-E the sleek and chic look of the Nespresso Maestria in black, it will look marvelous on my kitchen counter and fit in beautifully my kitchen. Really need help with getting the frothing just so too! Finger’s crossed!! Following on twitter – check, Like Food Fashionista FB page – check! Thank you for this fab giveaway. xoxo

  3. My introduction to Nespresso began in 2002 when I began making Nespresso coffee at work. I was in charge of ordering the capsules monthly and thus began my foray into the delicious flavors they offered, especially the limited editions! My dream machine would make my coffee day and bring back Nespresso memories!

  4. Out with Keurig and in with Nespresso please! My Italian Mother-Inlaw is coming to town for the holiday season. She is a fabulous lady and a coffee connoisseur. I would love to accompany our Thanksgiving feast with some yummy Nespresso drinks – Questa è la vita!
    I would also be more than happy to post pics 😉

  5. Nespresso not only makes wonderfully blissful espresso, but it does it in an artful package that would be such a compliment to our kitchen. It would make such a statement being displayed on our counter, as well as the best espresso imaginable.

  6. Born and raised in Seattle and now being a New Yorker for the last 17 years lets just say coffee courses through my veins. I have wanted a Nespresso Machine since the first time I had a cup of coffee from the Nespresso café on Madison. This is my absolute favorite coffee! Also I could really use this to help me run around after my 4 kids.

  7. I would like to win this for my wonderful wife. She is a wonderful Stay at Home Mom to our 3 boys and boy do they keep her busy. I know this specific machine is on her Christmas list and it would make her year to receive it!!

  8. Oh- to be the winner of this sleek, lovely machine!! First of all, I would love it like no other, second- you and I could be Nespresso buddies, and lastly, I would be able to make anyone who comes over a wonderful cup of espresso at the drop of the hat (any me too!)
    Thanks for the opportunity!! Crossing my fingers over here!

  9. who wouldn’t want one of these sleek black love…i mean coffee…machines? i love french press but sometimes it’s such a hassle!
    fingers crossed! xoxo MT

  10. I love my Nespresso machine! I would love to have another so that I could have one in my 5th wheel and one at home.

  11. Alastair Goldfisher

    I would love to win the Nespresso machine because me and my black kitty enjoy shots of espresso every morning. Plus, I like the design and I’m intrigued to test drive it.

  12. I’d love to get this Nespresso machine because … a) i drink drip coffee every morning, and its a process to grind the beans, steep the coffee and foam the milk –> the Nespresso machine will speed my drinking of good coffee, b) I’m a fan of good espresso and pay too much for it at restaurants and coffee shops –> the Nespresso machine will save me money & c) I’m a big fan of the America’s Cup, and will welcome a chance to have a limited edition version for this amazing piece of history –> Nespresso and America’s Cup was a great blend of two things I enjoy

  13. Oh, Fashionista… How the Nespresso machine is desperately needed in the mountains! Winter’s cold is coming, and I envision myself enjoying its bounty while watching it snow as the forest critters stroll by the front window. Truly good coffee is a rarity in these rural parts, and this machine will rectify the premium coffee deficit in the land of no Starbucks, Peet’s or even a Denny’s. As you reflect on the potential winners, please keep in mind those of us who do not have the luxury to sip its exquisite flavor in cool coffee houses or at water’s edge by the bay. Please help those in need and choose me as Mariposa County’s singular Nespresso machine owner:) I know you will recognize the dire need and send a caffeinated life boat.

  14. It would feel wonderful sitting on my back deck with a cup of Nespresso, especially as the fall leaves surround me. Then share with friends and family as we gather for the holidays!

  15. We will love it treasure it and daily use it.. we really neef a good cup avery morning and can’t think of a beyter one than this. .

  16. Ive been trying to decide on a Nespresso machine, winning this would be the best decision made for me! 🙂 Love the capsule system… easy and taste great!

  17. sheila mokhtari

    When I think of Nespresso, I think of the rich flavored, aromatic coffee I used to have in Italy. I could always smell the deep dark aroma walking down the streets. Their espressos have rich coffee flavors with lasting reminisce. Their macchiato with just a touch of hot milk to lighten the zest. Their cappuccino with its thick creamy froth that allows you to savor the sweetness . The tall long lattes that bring you warmth and comfort without diluting the gusto. As you can see making coffee is an art and Nespresso brings that expertise to everyone’s home. I want to be able to make coffee like they did for me in Italy! Oh please, no American coffee comes even close to the rich deep flavors of Nespresso!

  18. Why would I love to have NESPRESSO MAESTRIA in family’s life? The answer is simple. It would save us time. We estimate we spend and estimated 400+ hrs going to our local coffee shop over the past few years.

  19. My dad and I would love itin own new home. He is a Super Fan of the sail boats…loves watching the “Cup”.
    He loves cup of coffee…I love a latte. We both would love to have that beautiful coffee machine.

  20. I would love this black beauty in my life to give me some pep in my step- I didn’t realize how old and drained I would feel having a baby 10 years after my first!

  21. I adore my pixie at work and would love a machine at home. There’s nothing like a latte I make myself!

  22. I need the Nespresso Maestria!

    Work coffee sucks -> I don’t have time to go to a good coffee joint every morning -> My espresso machine is not fast and easy enough -> I NEED THE NESPRESSO MAESTRIA for EASY and LEGIT coffee!!!

  23. We love good coffee! Many people now getting one from Costco(forgot the brand) and I’m not particularly like the taste or machine much. I tried nesspresso about 5 years ago at food exhibit that was held conjunction at MA seafood show. I was really impressed by the taste. And the machine you are giving away is actually a pretty good looking machine to have at home to tell you the truth! And I like easy to use machines for my strong coffees. 😀

  24. Oh my how I would LOVE to add this beauty to our loving family! I’m turning 40 on December 11, and we have a baby on the way! My husband and I are gonna need this beautiful Nespresso machine to keep our morning show tune/ dance ritual going!!! Thanks for the opportunity! We would be extremely grateful!

  25. Our kitchen is black and grey. This would look great! And we could have fantastic coffee too. Cappuccino with booze just like they used to make at the original Peter Alioto’s on Fishermans Warf we have the formula.

  26. That retro Maestria and an intense Grand Cru would be good for my marriage. Cause my spouse says bad coffee is *grounds* for divorce.

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