Warby Parker’s Newest Collection is Easy on the Eyes

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Have you ever stepped into a Warby Parker boutique? Well, I have on several occasions and have to admit that each time I’ve left, I felt more uplifted than when I first arrived. I’m not sure if it was due to the stylish design space that surrounded me, or the adorable, helpful staff that looked like they fell off the pages of a magazine, or the no-pressure fun of trying on a number of glasses in daring new looks, but a visit to Warby Parker I’ve found is more than just a basic visit to grab some new specs. It’s an engaging and enjoyable eyewear shopping experience.

Warby Parker_SP15_Haskell_CrystalManzanita_Zach

Another huge factor that makes shopping at Warby Parker so pleasant and positive, is that the glasses aren’t only stylish, but they are affordable. With frames starting at only $95, you can add a pair into your seasonal wardrobe without guilt. And, for every pair of eyeglasses sold, Warby Parker works with non-profits around the globe to distribute a pair of glasses to someone in need. This is a 20/20 win-win for everyone!

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I’m loving the bold, bright and playful new collection that was inspired by the circus tents. The spring 2016 collection is crafted from premium acetate in spirited new hues and three new silhouettes.  I have my eyes on several pairs to add to the accessories wardrobe, but the Chelsea in Grapefruit Soda and the Haskell in Crystal with Blue Jay are definitely on my radar.

Warby Parker_Haskell_BlueJay_Fernanda_

And because all of us are busy, and not everyone has the time or proximity to venture directly into a Warby Parker boutique, they offer a Home Try-On service where you can model five different pairs for five days in your own digs with all of your favorite outfits. Does it get any easier than that? I don’t think so. I still though, highly recommend trying to visit the actual Warby Parker store since I’ve found it to be true positive retail therapy.

Warby Parker Spring 2016 Collection

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