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Mika Takeuchi, Creator / Editor

Hello and thank you for visiting Food Fashionista. I started this blog/website back in 2007, but have enjoyed a love affair with gastronomy, travel and style long before that. Born in Tokyo just minutes away from the world-famous Tsukiji fish market, I was dining at sushi bars with my father long before I was even in kindergarten. I can still see him breaking the wooden chopsticks in half so they were my size. From Japan, I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area, worked in retail, restaurants and the corporate world, and after a stint in Italy studying art in Umbria, I started my own e-commerce fashion boutique along with personal shopping for the dapper Mayor of S.F.

I’ve always had an intense passion for all things creative – art, design, fashion, music and of course culinary. In my closet you will find vintage treasures mixed with high-end contemporary (I’m an equal-opportunity shopper). On my plate, you’ll see a wide-ranging taste in cuisine from authentic street food to three-star Michelin. I’ve worked front of the house in restaurants, and have consulted with premier chefs and brands, and know the industry from a unique perspective as both a patron and insider. I am currently a Brand Ambassador for MICHELIN, official blogger for Nespresso, and a contributing author of the book “Creating a Meal You’ll Love”. Along with this site, and my fashion biz, I am also a digital media and marketing consultant working with select, high-profile brands.

From a sixteen-course meal at Joel Robuchon to an incredibly delectable five-dollar find at the local Farmers’ Market, my dining style is as eclectic as my wardrobe. As I always says “If you enjoy food, you enjoy life.”

Thanks again for dropping by!

Contact me via e-mail at mika at foodfashionista.com

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  1. Shopping and dining at fabulous eateries is what you do best!! Congratulations on your new venture, I love your website. Are you or do you have a section for Vegetarian Cuisine?

  2. I love the food fashionista site! I have bookmarked the site and subscribed to your feed. Hope to meet you one day at a foodie event.

  3. Excellent work! I love the precise info that you give and the fabulous pictures! Keep sharing the secrets, love you Mika (aka hcooh!!) ;) xoxo

  4. Hanging out with Mika at the American Wine and Food Festival was like a walk on the red carpet. She knows all the chefs and they know her. Lots of photos, fame, and food. Wow. What a babe.

  5. Hi Mika.. I am a huge fan of your site. I am from France and was told about your blog from one of my friends. Please let us know if you visit Bordeaux any time soon.

  6. What a wonderful site you have. My life has become more exciting since I’ve discovered Food Fashionista. I’m living vicariously through all your amazing food adventures.

  7. Mika, I see you were at vegas uncorked again this year. Me too. I did the Guy Savoy dinner, cocktails and cuisine, where I met you last year, Tea and desert and palazzo after dark. All fun.

  8. I am such a big fan Mika! When are you going to have your own television show? I enjoy reading your tweets and following your exciting lifestyle of food.

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