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Food Fashionista

Food Fashionista was created to share a love of exquisite travel, memorable dining experiences and the global discoveries made along the  beautiful journey of life.  Mika, aka Food Fashionista, is an entrepreneur and published author who has contributed and been featured in publications including The Washington Post, San Francisco Magazine, Florida Today, Culinary Trends, 7×7, Lucky and more.

Mika Takeuchi 

Food Fashionista launched in 2007, but Mika has enjoyed a close-knit relationship with gastronomy, travel and style long before that. Born in Tokyo, Japan just across the street from the former world-famous Tsukiji fish market, she was the youngest regular at sushi bars with her father and favorite stuffed animal in tow. Her father would break the wooden chopsticks in half so they were her size.

From Japan, she moved to the San Francisco Bay Area and worked in restaurants, retail and the corporate world before starting her own online fashion business. And now along with that business and writing for Food Fashionista and other media, she lives and travels between California and Europe (Paris and London) working as a digital brand consultant, creative content strategist and writer for select, high-profile brands.

Throughout the years, she has worked front of the house in restaurants, consulted with premier chefs and brands, and knows the travel and hospitality industry from a unique perspective as both a patron and insider. She was a Brand Ambassador and Explorer for MICHELIN, Ambassador for Mondavi & Frescobaldi’s wines, official blogger for Nespresso and a contributing author of the book “Creating a Meal You’ll Love” with all proceeds going to Share our Strength – fighting childhood hunger. She and her writings have been featured in publications both online and in print.

From a multi-course meal at a three-star restaurant to an incredibly delectable five-dollar find at the local farmers market, her dining style, like her lifestyle is all about a focus on balance, quality and sustainability.

“Food is our common ground, a universal experience.” – James Beard

Feel free to connect with Mika @FoodFashionista via social media on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

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