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Super Bowl Recipes by Super Chefs


Super Bowl XLVI is right around the corner and we know that many of you are either hosting your own game day party, or attending a gathering as a guest. Even if you aren’t a big fan of football, we know you’re a fan of food, and there’s going to be plenty of that to go around on this very special football Sunday.

Food Fashionista asked some super Chefs to share their favorite recipes for the annual football festivities. Best part of all, you can easily create these unique and tasty recipes at home with the step-by-step instructions and ingredients listed by these professional chefs.

This year, forego being the friend who brings the bag of chips and jar of salsa, and impress your friends with one of the dishes below. We can’t predict if it’ll be the San Francisco 49er’s or the Baltimore Ravens who’ll be holding up the trophy this year, but we can guarantee that you’ll be a winner in the eyes of your Superbowl party comrades and foes if you make one of these recipes for this coming Sunday’s big celebration.


Chicken & Andouille Sausage Gumbo Recipe by Chef Justin Simoneaux (Boxing Room)

Chef Justin Simoneaux’s recommended recipe is Smoked Chicken & Andouille Sausage Gumbo, because it’s hearty and can feed a group! Also, since the Niners are playing the Ravens in his home state of New Orleans, it’s like bringing a little taste of the South to San Francisco.

As you can tell from the photo, Justin’s team is the Saints!


Roasted Chicken Wings in Fesenjoon Sauce Recipe by Chef Hoss Zare (Zare Fly Trap)

“My recipe is for roasted chicken wings in fesenjoon sauce. This is simple and uncomplicated, the sauce even matches my favorite team, the niners. This recipe is easy and a crowd pleaser. The color is reminiscent of the 49ers. Prediction – 49ers: 36, Baltimore: 24″ - Hoss Zare


Curry Puffs Recipe by Kris Toliao & Yuka Ioroi (Cassava Bakery + Cafe)

Kris is more of a Manchester United Football fan, but he does like the 49er’s and Yuka really likes the New Orleans Saints because she says “their story is beautiful.


Chipotle Chili Glazed Dungeness Crab Recipe by Chef Mark Dommen (One Market Restaurant)

I chose this recipe because I wanted to do something with crab, keeping the main ingredient local as the 49ers are in the Superbowl.  I also wanted to make it finger food and fun so that people had to use their hands to eat it.  I like to compare it to the shellfish version of chicken wings and something that would go really well with cold beer on Superbowl Sunday.  The crab could easily be substituted for head on shrimp in the shell.” – Mark Dommen

Mark’s favorite football team is the 49ers!


Cioppino, Crab Toasts, and Crudite Recipe by Chef Michael Mina (Mina Group & CookTasteEat)

Chef Michael Mina is a 49er faithful and these are Chef Mina’s “San Francisco” recipes in honor of the 49ers going to the Super Bowl (crab, seafood, RED food…)



Charleston Tacos with Braised Short Ribs Recipe by Chef Jet Tila (The Charleston LA)

“My favorite Team has to be the Jets because I was named after them back when they would win in the 70′s!  
Even though it’s labor intensive, these tacos can be done DAYS ahead and bring the Big game a fancy factor!.  Braise the beef days ahead, keep warm during the game, and guests can make their tacos during the breaks in the game!  These will definitely take your game to another level!” – Jet Tila 


Chef Hogan BLEEDS green…meaning he is a die hard Philadelphia Eagles fan (from his home town). He doesn’t dislike the Niners at all, but he believes “you have to stay true to your roots.”

Chef Thomas Weibull

Sourdough Cheese Steak with Homemade Chez Whiz and Crisp Onions Recipe by Chef Thomas Weibull (Velvet Room at CLIFT)

“Why is this dish my favorite? Well coming from Philly you can’t watch football without Philly Cheese Steak. It’s like drinking water for us. I think I had my first Cheese steak when I was 5 and then once every weekend since then…well when I lived there that is, I can still smell those Amorosa Rolls though this version is more a West Coast style.” - Chef Thomas Weibull


Chicken Katsu Sandwich Recipe by Chef Richie Nakano (Hapa Ramen) 

Chef Richie Nakano of Hapa Ramen may be known as a die-hard baseball and San Francisco Giant’s fan, but he hasn’t forgotten that his city is represented in this year’s Super Bowl.


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Chevron Design Metallic Gel Nails – Mika’s Manis

If you're going to get gel nails, you might as well rock a design that you won't get tired of looking at after a few days. Since my salon doesn't often do the fancy nail designs; I brought in a photo, chose three different metallic colors including a frost white base, gunmetal center, and a sparkling gold tip. My manicurist topped it off with a black outline to highlight the chevrons. 

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Top of The Mark’s Holiday Tea Time Returns – San Francisco

TopOfTheMark - Holiday Tea -San Francisco

Enjoy “Holiday Tea” for the adults, or “Magical Tea” for the kids in celebration of the season at Top of the Mark's world-renowned 19th floor sky lounge located on top of Nob Hill. 

The holidays at the InterContinental Mark Hopkins are celebrated with decorations, gingerbread houses, carolers, and the return of holiday tea at the Top of the Mark lounge. For the entire month of December, the iconic Top of the Mark offers a traditional “Holiday Tea” and a special “Magical Tea” for kids featuring delicious sweet and savory bites by Executive Chef Christophe Depuichaffray and Pastry Chef Phoung Vuong in addition to a selection of specialty teas.

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Atelier Crenn Shines Bright with Michelin Guide 2013 Star Announcements

Atelier crenn - michelin guide - food fashionista 3

The 2013 Michelin Guide for San Francisco goes on sale today and in it, brings a new two-star recipient to the forefront. Atelier Crenn is the latest restaurant to receive two Michelin stars, and this also makes Dominique Crenn, the very first female in the U.S. to receive the coveted honor.

I spent time with Chef Crenn and the team at Atelier Crenn on this special evening, and in case you are wondering what Crenn and crew did on one of the most exciting days of their careers, the answer is plain and simple. Back of the house cooked, while front of the house served their guests a memorable meal and experience. Focus, attention to detail, and passion for their craft, is what elevated Atelier Crenn to this level and even on one of the biggest nights of their profession, they weren't about to stop delivering.

 Atelier crenn - michelin guide - food fashionista 2

A Walk in the Forest – An Atelier Crenn Signature Dish

Atelier crenn - michelin guide - food fashionista

Chef de Cuisine Michael Evans & Dominique Crenn

Atelier crenn - michelin guide - food fashionista 4

Grains & Seeds – Smoked and toasted w/botarga, trout roe, dashi

Atelier crenn - michelin guide - food fashionista 5
Pastry Chef Juan Contreras creating a meticulous Fall dessert

Atelier crenn - michelin guide - food fashionista 6
Spiced brioche, candied acorn, apple, squash, celery root

Atelier crenn - michelin guide - food fashionista 8
Edible Hibiscus Leaves

Atelier crenn - michelin guide - food fashionista 10
Mint Cotton Candy – a refreshing palate cleanser

Atelier crenn - michelin guide - food fashionista 7

Post-service kitchen team celebratingAtelier crenn - michelin guide - food fashionista 9

Atelier Crenn – excellent cuisine, worth a detour **


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