Le Pain Quotidien- Your Daily Bread


Tuna and Olive Tapenade

What started off as a single bread shop in Brussels, has grown into an international chain of over 70 locations in hip locales such as New York, Dubai, Paris, Los Angeles, and Moscow. Although a chain, Le Pain Quotidien, which translates to “Your Daily Bread” in French is a delightful place to meet friends for breakfast, or lunch and enjoy a variety of always fresh artisinal breads which are made only with the highest organic ingredients. From the time Alain Coumont baked his first bread back in the 1980’s, all the bread at Le Pain Quotidien is still to this very day kneaded by hand and timely baked in a stone oven which is why the breads always have that soft fluffy interior with a just right crunchy crust.

The Le Pain Quotidien on Melrose in West Hollywood is one of my favorites since I love the people watching on the outdoor patio while I sip my fresh squeezed lemonade with fresh mint. The mediterranean plate is a perfect choice to share with friends and offers a selection of breads with sides including babaganoush, hummus, and tabouleh to dip in to. I particularly like the tuna and olive tapenade (see above). I add the sliced avocado, but it is is served with fresh veggies including slices of radish and tomato. It is just the right amount of food to fill you up during the day. Le Pain Quotidien is also a great place for Vegetarians and Health Conscious Eaters.


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