Francois Payard – Pastry Chef Extraordinaire


Chef Francois Payard’s latest book

For all you chocolate or sweet lovers out there, a name you need to know is Francois Payard. A third generation French pastry chef, Francois Payard is an acclaimed pastry chef and James Beard Award Winner, who has been delighting sweet tooths for years with his tantalizing pastries and delicious sweet treats. After working in kitchens such as the famed Daniel in New York, chef Payard opened his own shop in New York in 1997 to rave reviews. In addition to his Lexington bistro, he has since opened establishments in Tokyo and Yokohama, Japan, Sao Paulo, Brazil, and in Las Vegas at the Caesars Palace Hotel. But no need to fret if you are no where near any of these locations. You can order treats such as Payard’s truffles, chocolates, caramels and selection of jam online for delivery right to your door. Even luckier if you are in the Mahattan area where you can order birthday cakes, petit fours, and pastries for pick up or delivery to your home.

In addition, Chef Francois Payard has authored three books which make super sweet gifts or will add greatly to your own desert cookbook section. His latest, Chocolate Epiphany (pictured above) is devoted solely to Chocolate and shares recipes and chapters devoted to favorites such as Breads, Mousses, Cookies, Candies, Tarts, and Cakes.

For more information of chef Francois Payard, visit Payard

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  1. steven r.
    15/09/2008 / 9:14 pm

    Mika, you are so right about chef Payard. He is a pastry chef talent indeed. It’s nice you are sharing and spreading the word with others.

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