Olive Oil’s beautiful benefits


Today I am sharing my love for olives and olive oil. I can’t think of anything better than something that is:

1) absolutely delicious

2) attributes to good health

3) enhances natural beauty

We also love mixing it in with our favorite recipes at home. We love dipping our bread in to it at Italian restaurants such as Il Pastaio, Fiamma and Valentino. Olive oil also has religious uses and has been used as fuel for oil lamps. Soaps containing olive oil can be found in many local shops and high-end boutiques. Additionally, olive oil is a popular ingredient in many beauty products and medicinal products.

According to New Beauty Magazine, “Olive Oil has been lauded for it’s medicinal properties since ancient times. Perfect for dry skin and hair, studies are beginning to reveal that antioxidant- rich olive oil may be able to protect skin from cancer”.  Well this sounds like excellent news to us and knowing already that olive oil is a natural fruit juice high in monounsaturated fats, we will continue to enjoy our olive oil in the kitchen along with visits at the local day spa.




  1. 23/09/2008 / 9:13 pm


    Really appreciated your comments about olive oil. We are promoting Spanish olive oil here in the Santa Barbara area and enjoy
    seeing the word spread about how healthy
    olive oil is for ALL cooking as is done in
    Spain and most of the Mediterranean.
    Please keep it up!!


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