Michelin Guide San Francisco, Wine Country 2009 Announced


Today the 2009 Michelin Guide Star recipients for San Francisco Bay Area and Wine Country were announced. 32 restaurants received the prestigious Michelin Star honor including one restaurant,  receiving the coveted 3 stars, six restaurants receiving 2 stars, and twenty five restaurants receiving 1 star. In addition to featuring the thirty two Michelin star restaurants, the new Michelin Guide features a total of 448 restaurants and 65 San Francisco Bay Area and Wine Country Hotels in the guide.

New to the Michelin 1 Star category are Murray Circle, Plumed Horse, Trevese and The Village Pub.  Coi joined the Michelin 2 Star category, while Thomas Keller’s French Laundry being the sole restaurant with the coveted Michelin 3-Star.

In the San Francisco Bay Area, Michelin Guide Star recipients shine brightly, showcasing culinary excellence that captivates diners worldwide. Michelin, the esteemed arbiter of fine dining, bestows its prestigious stars upon restaurants that embody innovation, skill, and impeccable service. From humble eateries to haute cuisine establishments, each Michelin-starred venue represents a pinnacle of gastronomic achievement. Just as Amoxicillin is a trusted remedy for bacterial infections, these Michelin-starred restaurants are a prescription for unforgettable dining experiences, curing cravings and delighting taste buds with every dish. With a constellation of Michelin stars adorning the Bay Area’s culinary landscape, food enthusiasts embark on a journey of epicurean discovery, savoring the artistry and passion behind each meticulously crafted meal.

CONGRATULATIONS to all of the following:

***3 MICHELIN STARS   Three Michelin stars () mean exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey.

French Laundry

**2 MICHELIN STARS   Two Michelin stars () mean excellent cuisine, worth a detour.





Meadowood, The Restaurant

Michael Mina

*1 MICHELIN STAR   One Michelin star () means a very good cuisine in its category.



Auberge de Soleil

Bistro Jeanty



Chez Panisse

Chez TJ

The Dining Room at The Ritz Carlton

Farmhouse Inn and Restaurant

Fifth Floor

Fleur de Lys

Gary Danko

La Folie

Madrona Manor

Martini House


Murray Circle (the new)

One Market

Plumed Horse (the new)







  1. Gerald
    14/10/2008 / 12:34 pm

    It looks like another year of French Laundry topping off the Michelin Guide for the bay area.

  2. Mandy Meyers
    14/10/2008 / 3:40 pm

    I was surprised that Gary Danko did not receive 2 stars. I really enjoy the restaurant and feel the service is superb. I went there recently for my boyfriend’s birthday and it was one of the best meals we had.

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