Hubert Keller’s Fleur Burger Recipe

Previously posted in 2009 before Fleur de Lys Vegas closed for remodel. It has since reopened as Fleur. A Burger Bar has also since opened in San Francisco.

Hubert Keller Fleur Burger Truffle Foie Gras

Chef Hubert Keller is founder/restaurateur of the acclaimed Fleur de Lys (San Francisco and Las Vegas), the Burger Bar (Las Vegas and St. Louis) and recently opened Sleek Steakhouse and Ultra Lounge (St. Louis).

Keller's Fleur Burger (above) is made with Kobe beef and is adorned with black truffles and foie gras. It is sold at Fleur de Lys in Vegas' Mandalay Bay for $5,000 and is accompanied by a bottle of 1995 Chateau Petrus. Keller's burger is the most expensive in the U.S..

Now you can impress your guests by creating one of these ultra luxe Fleur Burgers at home with the following recipe:

Hubert Keller's – The Fleur Burger recipe
Makes 4 servings

1 tsp. cornstarch
1 cup brown Chicken Stock
1 Tbsp. olive oil
2 lbs. coarsely ground beef
2 Tbsp. Madeira or port
4 Fleur Buns
3 Tbsp. unsalted butter, at room temperature
1 oz. black Perigord truffle, very thinly sliced (about 5 slices per person)
8 to 10 oz duck foie gras
Fleur de sel
1 bunch watercress, washed and picked over.

For burgers, shape meat into 4 8- oz. patties about 1 inch thick. Handle lightly to keep texture and juicy. In small bowl, stir together cornstarch and about 2 Tbsp. of stock until well blended. Set aside. Heat 2 Tbsp. olive oil in large skillet over medium-high heat until very hot. Generously season meat on both sides with salt and pepper. Cook meat on 1 side until brown, about 1 minute. Then turn and brown second side about 3 minutes. With large spoon, baste burgers several times with fat in pan. Turn again and cook another 3 minutes, basting occasionally, for medium rare. Remove burgers to warm platter and reserve cooking skillet. Keep burgers warm and let rest several minutes before serving.

Working quickly so skillet is still hot, pour out remaining fat, and return pan to medium-high heat. Deglaze with Madeira: cook until reduced to 1 tsp. Add remaining stock and bring to boil. Cook until reduced by about a third, about 2 minutes. Add cornstarch mixture and stir until sauce has thickened, about 1 minute.

Split bun and lightly toast. Spread 2 Tbsp. of butter on cut side of buns. Set aside.

While burgers are resting, place dry skillet over medium heat until hot. Remove foie gras from refrigerator and put directly into hot pan. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Cook until browned, about 30 seconds, and turn again. Turn again and cook 30 seconds and repeat. Foie gras should be brown and crusty on both sides. Be careful not to burn foie gras or fat remaining in pan. Drain foie gras on paper towels. Set aside and keep warm. Pour fat from pan into Madeira sauce (if desired).

Heat remaining butter in skillet over medium heat until butter begins to bubble. Add truffle slices and cook until warm through, about 30 seconds. Set aside and keep warm.

To assemble burgers, put bottom half of the bun on plate. Arrange burger on bun and drizzle with sauce. Top each with slice of foie gras and slices of truffle. Sprinkle lightly with fleur de sel. Balance top of each bun against burger and add a few sprigs of watercress between bun and burger. Serve immediately.

For more info on Gourmet Burgers in Las Vegas, visit here

For more information on chef Hubert Keller and his restaurants, visit Hubert Keller




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    i love me my truffles and gourmet burgers, and wow with Foie gras even tastier. A bit expensive for me but sounds like a nice luxury.

  4. Marc
    12/06/2009 / 5:18 pm

    I just saw chef Keller on Top Chef the other nite. Hahaha He’s great. So smart to cool and heat pasta in the shower.

  5. Pixie Geren
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    Mache Tomato-Zucchini Verrine – I want this recipe and don’t know how to find it….

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    Thank goodness it comes with fries, otherwise it would be too expensive. 🙂

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    You’re supposed to blend in minced onions with the chopmeat — that’s the way my mother did it. Three minutes on a side under the broiler = Perfection!

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    You have to be kidding me; the rich get richer and the poor get poorer – what a pretencious jerk!

  9. 06/12/2013 / 2:14 pm

    The most expensive burger in the U.S. costs $5,000. Thanks for sharing this image of it.

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