Dim Sum King – Coconut and Red Bean Jello


Yes, it's off the beaten path. Yes, the name sounds like a Chinese version of a famous American fast food joint. And oh yes, if you are near Daly City in the San Francisco Bay Area and you like authentic, cheap, quick dim sum, a trek to strip mall enclosed Dim Sum King will be right up your alley. It doesn't have the frills of some favorite S.F. dim sum spots such as Ton Kiang or Yank Sing, but the prices for the quality are rock bottom unbeatable and nowhere else have I found this crave-worthy Coconut and Red Bean Jello dessert (above). The cubes are brought to the table slightly chilled and the presentation is a bit modern art-esque. The texture is silky and the flavors refreshing and well-balanced. All of us at the table agreed that the Coconut Red Bean Jello is a dessert you would definitely drive back through the South City fog for.

Dim Sum King

99 Skyline Drive

 Daly City, CA 94016

(650) 755-8128




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