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Post by Isabelle Pleno – Food Fashionista guest contributor

Prepare to be charmed. This whimsically themed tea room brings an essence of story-book charm to the dining experience while providing fresh and healthy menu items to choose from. Children are adorned with glittering butterfly wings among entry and are invited to twirl underneath a mist of “fairy dust” as they make their way to the tables. The appropriately mismatched furniture evokes notions of the ultimate Mad Hatters' Tea Party and the seven-page tea list selection will allow you to embark on the ultimate tea-tasting adventure. More adult drink cravings can also be satisfied as the restaurant features a number of alcoholic tea drinks- the Ginger Mar-tea-ni and Alice’s Tea-jito looked particularly delicious.

Alices tea cup new york

There are three Alice’s Tea Cup restaurants sprinkled throughout Manhattan, each referred to by their “chapter” number. I was able to visit Chapter Three on the Upper East Side one early Saturday morning; right before the brunch time crowd had arrived (and it does get extremely busy).

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Those who secretly crave dessert for breakfast can satisfy their sweet tooth with Alice’s Curious French Toast (above)- think bite-sized cubes of fluffy bread infused with apricot brandy tea and baked to perfection and accompanied with a dash of sweet syrup and perfectly paired with fruit coulis and just the right amount of vanilla crème anglaise. The Vegetarian Egg White Omelet is a great option for those able to suppress their sweet tooth and choosing to take a healthier route. The omelet is filled with a fresh assortment of spinach, eggplant, tomato and spinach and served with a warm side of sauteed asparagus and pears. This dish is so rich with flavor, you will feel as if you are indulging.

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Whether for breakfast, lunch, dinner or afternoon tea, a trip to Alice’s Tea Cup is a must, just be sure to come early since this kid-friendly place attracts a large crowd. Brunch at Alice’s Tea Cup followed by an afternoon at MOMA made for the perfect mother-daughter bonding experience.

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  1. Jessica Fernandez
    30/04/2010 / 4:57 am

    This makes me want to book my ticket to New York right this second!!!

  2. 09/05/2010 / 1:03 pm

    I love Alice’s Tea Cup…I often visit both of their Manhattan locations for a mid-day snack or an afternoon tea when shopping in the neighborhood!

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