Hadley’s Fruit Orchard – Coachella Valley

Hadley fruit orchard

Many of you know Coachella as the three-day music festival that happens every Spring in Southern California, but did you know that Coachella county is the date capital of the United States? No not the Match.com kind of dates, but rather the delicious Medjool and other edible varieties. I was surprised to find out that 95% of dates produced in the U.S. come from the Coachella region. That fact, along with the multitude of delightful treats is why a stop at historic Hadley's is a must-do when in the area.

Hadley fruit orchard coachella

Since 1931, Hadley's has been serving its community date shakes and the largest selection of high quality dates under one roof. They also have a generous selection of dried fruits, nuts, and veggie snacks. Hadley's is a conveniently located spot to grab some healthy snacks for the road trip and might we add, that their delectable goodies make delicious gifts. They also have a casual snack bar where you can grab a quick and easy bite.

Hadley fruit orchard 

Makin' Date Shakes at Hadleys

The date shakes come in both orginal date and banana date flavors. I tasted both, and have to admit, I was more impressed with the other items in the store rather than the shakes. I believe that sometimes when things are so hyped up, the reality doesn't meet the high expectations. I did however love the the selection of whole dates and all the wonderful items they incorporated them in such as the date bars, date bread and so on.

Hadleys medjool dates

  Hadley's Medjool Dates

Dates are high in fiber and low in cholesterol and popular in Mediterranean diets.

Hadley dates cabazon

Hadley's Snacks, Date Bread + Date Cookies

I've attended the Coachella music festival the last few years and although invigorating seeing all the musical talents, it's nice to take a break this year from the scorching, did I say scorching desert sun, intoxicated crowds and absurdly long lines for portable toilets…and that's in the VIP section! I will miss a visit to Hadley's though, but will certainly make sure my amigos stop by and bring some date snacks back for me. I just hope they don't devour the tempting treats on their ride back home…

Hadleys cabazon 

 Chili Mango Slices

Hadley Fruit Orchards

48980 Seminole Dr, Cabazon, CA 92230

(888) 854-5655




  1. Raza
    13/04/2010 / 8:05 pm

    Hadleys is great. We always stop by there for some dried fruit and date stuff. We always finish the stuff in the car before we even get home.

  2. Jessica Fernandez
    14/04/2010 / 10:57 pm

    I can’t wait! I’m adding Hadleys to my itinerary!

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