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Today is National Garlic Day and I am delighted that this member of the onion family is being celebrated. Yeah, yeah, yeah it does cause unpleasant breath and you can smell it for days in your pores, but who cares…find a partner that also loves garlic. Garlic is easy to grow, and popular around the world since it tastes so excellent in so many various dishes. I love adding it to hummus, antipasto, stir-fries, and the list goes on. The top 10 garlic growers are China, India, South Korea, Egypt, Russia, United States, Spain, Argentina, Myanmar and Ukraine.

Garlic is a Super Food and provides both medicinal and nutritional value. It is claimed to help fight cancer, heart disease, and is also known to regulate blood sugar levels.

We've all heard of garlic warding off vampires, but now that Twilight and True Blood have shown us what Vampires really can look like…hello Vampire Eric Northman, let's hope that's not the case for us Garlic Lovers.

Happy Garlic Day Everyone and if you find your garlicky scent too unbearable, either go sweat it out in a sauna or chew on some parsley. Those two tips have been known to assist in speeding up the removal process of the scent of the stinking rose.




  1. anais
    19/04/2010 / 12:25 pm

    Im a garlic addict. Don’t care that it gives halitosis, it is the best thing ever to flavor foods and add some taste.

  2. nathan
    19/04/2012 / 2:39 pm

    mmm, Garlic!

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