Zebra Handbag Cake at Neiman Marcus

Now here's a handbag the men in your life won't go complaining about…as long as they get a piece (of the cake, that is). This absolutely gorgeous zebra-print purse from Neiman Marcus is decadent luxe at its finest, with gold hardware and chocolate-brown leather like straps. Almost too stunning to eat, this edible chocolate cake is layered with caramel toffee buttercream and chocolate buttercream. Ooh la la.

This chocolate-couture, makes a stylish statement dessert for the uber-chic crowd and serves 10-12. With a price tag of $235, that roughly comes out to around $24 a person. And believe me, you aren't going to find another purse even worth looking at for that price at Neiman's, so indulge and save the baking for somebody else. 

Available exclusively at Neiman Marcus HERE




  1. stacy
    19/11/2010 / 2:02 pm


  2. arielle
    20/11/2010 / 1:01 am

    To Die For! I want this cake for my Birthday party cake.

  3. M
    20/11/2010 / 8:41 pm

    Best priced bag at Neimans and I can eat it too! Sign me up. I’m going there tomorrow.

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