Benefits for Japan Relief Effort


It has been over two weeks since the earthquake and disastrous tsunami overtook the north eastern part of Japan, but the rebuild is far from over. While many have survived the initial disaster, there is now fear of radiation, and hundreds of thousands of people are living in shelters or in cars with limited food, water, electricity and medicine. In addition, many are mourning the unsurmountable loss of loved ones. While grateful my family and friends in Japan are doing okay, this epic calamity is something that has affected us all in one way or another.

Today, family in Japan told me that they are confident the Japanese will efficiently put the donations to good use to rebuild lives and infrastucture. They are a resilient, hard working culture. I was even told of how people were waiting in long lines for the train on the Monday after the quake just so they didn't miss work. In addition, cell phone lines were jammed due to the numerous people phoning their work places saying they'd be late. If there is a country that can gambaru (do their best) during difficult times, it's the Japanese.

All around the world, compassionate souls have been banding together to assist the people of Japan in any way they know how. The food and beverage industry are no different. 

Listed below are several events you can attend to help the people of Japan. If you know of others, please add to the comment section.

Worldwide & Nationwide

Bakesale for Japan 4/2

Online Bakesake for Japan 3/30

Artwork for Heartwork  (non food-related)


Los Angeles

Hope to Japan 4/5

Umami Burger -Umami Tsumami Benefit 3/29


San Francisco

Working list from InsideScoop on Bay Area Japan benefits

Jardiniere Benefit Dinner 4/4

Umamimart's The Gift of Food Benefit at Burritt Room  4/5

Hope to Japan 4/5

Patxi's 52 Weeks of Giving 4/5

Yoshi's Japan Relief Benefit 4/9

Restaurants for Relief 4/10


New York

Dine out for Japan 3/23-3/30

Brewers For Brewers 3/28



Japonais Japan Earthquake/Tsunami Fundraiser Relief 3/29 (SOLD OUT)




  1. marcy
    27/03/2011 / 12:58 am

    Thank you very much for sharing all these events.

  2. charles s.
    27/03/2011 / 11:05 pm

    Do you know of any events in New york? Thank you kindly.

  3. angei
    28/03/2011 / 5:17 pm

    All of these events look so nice. it is beautiful to see people helping to help the people of japan.

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