Cochon 555 Los Angeles – Pigging out in L.A.


Cochon 555, the ultimate porkfest finally landed in L.A. this past Sunday and Angelenos couldn't have been happier. When tickets were released, they sold out in approximately an hour proving that Los Angeles is more than just a town full of pilate-obsessed vegans. Southern Californians have been anxiously awaiting this "friendly competition for a cause", and they arrived to the opulent Vibiana in downtown L.A. ready to pig out!

Cochon 555 Founder Brady Lowe at VIP Reception


♥ Bacon ♥

I've attended previous Cochon 555 competitions in other cities, and was delighted when asked to be a judge for the L.A. event. The judges were a group of about 20 and included mostly L.A. based food lovers and writers including the much-respected and award-winning Jonathan Gold. Butchers' Lindy & Grundy (Amelia Posada and Erika Nakamura) were also at the sequestered judge's table following their butchering demo at the VIP reception. One by one, the chefs came and presented their edible hog-wild creations to us.


Lindy & Grundy Butcher Demo

The five competing L.A. chefs were Octavio Becerra of Palate Food & Wine, Chad Colby of Mozza, Tim Goodell of Public Kitchen & Bar, Ben Ford of Ford’s Filling Station and Joshua Whigham of The Bazaar. The five local wineries were Red Car, Copain, Alysian, Arnot-Roberts and Scholium Project. Turley wine cellars and St. Germain also assisted in hydrating guests. The true superstars of the day were the five heritage hogs including the Berkshire from ReRide Ranch, the Hampshire of Hopkins Hog Farm via Tender Belly, the Spotted Poland from Hopkins Hog Farm via Tender Belly, the Hereford from Hopkins Hog Farm via Tender Belly and the Red Wattle from Walnut Keep Farm & Vineyard.


Chad Colby of Mozza's Charcuterie Platter

From the charcuterie, porchetta, carnitas, chicharrones and trotters…there was no shortage of swining and dining at Cochon 555 Los Angeles. But in the end, a Prince of Porc winner had to be announced and it was native Los Angeles Chef Chad Colby of Mozza who served eleven variations of the Hampshire Pig from Hopkins Hog Farm. 

For those who couldn't make it to the L.A. or previous city events, there is still a chance to attend Cochon 555 in San Francisco which is happening just a month away on June 5th. Another big announcement of the day was the addition of the All-Star Cochon which will take place on July 24th at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.

For all photos of Cochon 555 L.A., visit our photo album HERE




  1. jessie
    03/05/2011 / 7:56 pm

    Now i want bacon!

  2. Robb Loves Food
    04/05/2011 / 11:15 am

    Thanks for the nice photos on facebook and the write up. I wanted to attend but couldn’t get tickets. I’m going to go with a friend to the San Francisco event and now want to go to vegas and aspen. I hope i see you there.

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