Pancho Villa Taqueria’s Garlic Prawn Platter – San Francisco

Brief Dish Blurb:

Forget the wharf, the Garlic Prawns at this Mission District Taqueria are the quintessential San Francisco seafood fix. Served with your choice of refried, pinto, or black beans, and a side of rice and warm tortillas, this is a complete meal in one.


The Dish:

While many visitors have burritos on the brain at this Mission street haunt, the Mexican-style dinner platters are the winning combo.  If you love the magical flavor of garlic and shrimp, the buttery, melt—in-your-mouth Grilled Prawn dinner platter is going to be your new San Francisco treat. Made to order, right in front of you, this protein and carb-loaded dish with warm tortillas, Spanish rice, and beans will have your friends (and other diners) salivating and wishing they ordered the same.


Key Ingredients: Prawns, garlic, green onions, mushrooms, avocado, beans, rice, tortillas


The Place:  From locals, tourists, musicians, techies, students, suits, and the young and the old, Pancho Villa is one of those special kind of places that comfortably attracts all walks of life. Immediately upon arrival, you are greeted by a friendly security guard that graciously opens the door for each and every guest. From carne asada tacos, chile verde chicken quesadillas, or tofu ranchero burritos, this is a champion spot with carnivores and vegetarians alike. Bonus points for the not-to-be-missed generous and multi-varietal salsa bar.


Other menu musts: The Agua Frescas are refreshing and plentiful. While most spots only serve two flavors at most, Pancho Villa offers up to seven varieties simultaneously including fruity favorites, Tamarind, Strawberry, Watermelon, Lemon Lime and Cantaloupe.


Extras: Pancho Villa’s sprawling space offers a rotating art gallery of sorts with works by local artists displayed prominently on their walls.

From 3-5pm all Summer long, enjoy Happy Hour at Pancho Villa with $1 tacos and  $1 Agua Frescas Monday-Friday.

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