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Brief Dish Blurb:  The captivating aroma of fresh baked, just out-of- the oven Cherry Oat Scones will have you in a dreamy state of mind at this tranquil escape in the midst of bustling San Francisco.


The Dish:  Topped with oats and sprinkled with sugar, with yes, cherries on top, the Cherry Oat Scones at Samovar Tea Lounge are prepared with love daily. The hearty, delicious Samovar version of the Scottish-originating scone arrives with a side of caloric and thick Devonshire cream – a double-clotted cream that is decadently delicious and a rarity to find in the city.  A berry jam is also served which varies seasonally from strawberry, raspberry or blackberry. On occasion, apricot or pear ginger jams are also featured. For breakfast, brunch, or dessert, these flaky, filling and flavorful scones are a hearty snack. Complete your Samovar Cherry Scone experience by pairing them with a suggested Earl Red or Lychee Black tea.


Key Ingredients:  oatmeal, cherries, butter


The Place:  On the Upper Terrace of SOMA’s Yerba Buena Gardens, Samovar Tea Lounge sources their high-quality environmentally sustainable tea and seasonal herbal fusions from small family farmers, who they call “artists of the leaf”. This relaxed urban getaway is the ideal retreat for those needing some quiet time to wind down during the often hectic and fast-paced city life. With both indoor and outdoor seating, it is an ideal setting during both chilly, and those rarely warm SF days (and nights). Complementing the extensive tea selection and service are a variety of salads, sandwiches, and sweets.  Vegan and gluten-free options are also available upon request.


Other menu musts:  Hence the name, the tea is the ultimate must-have at Samovar Tea Lounge. The sweet, spicy Masala Chai is a favorite.


Extra facts:  In addition to the Yerba Buena location, there are two other Samovar Tea Lounge escapes in San Francisco including one in the Mission-Castro neighborhood, and one in the San Francisco Zen Center (how fitting).


Samovar Tea Lounge

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  1. 23/04/2012 / 6:59 am

    One thing I like about San Francisco is the food. I find it really great to eat there. Thanks!

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