Cochon 555 – Central Kitchen & Salumeria’s Winning Dessert

Central-Kitchen-Cochon555-Dessert- Food Fashionista
Here's a photo I instagrammed from this past Sunday's Cochon 555 competition. Was this the dish that put Central Kitchen & Salumeria's Thomas McNaughton ahead of the pack to win the title of Prince of Pork, San Francisco? The swiney s'more consisted of Graham cracker, lard caramel, belly marshmallow and dark chocolate. It was a sensationally sweet oinkgasm in your mouth. Yes, I did just say that.

This pic has already inspired passion. Food Network's Manouschka Guerrier shared it with her fans stating, "This is thee single greatest thing I have EVER seen in my ENTIRE life! If you eat this what else is left to live for?!?! I'd die happy. I can't stop salivating at this ♥" In addition, the fine folks at Central Kitchen & Salumeria themselves have also shared it on their Facebook wall

More Cochon 555 San Francisco 2012 photos to be added soon…



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  1. M
    23/05/2012 / 10:45 am

    Oinkgasm it is! Sounds like Pork Heaven.

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