Happy 75th Birthday, Golden Gate Bridge – Love, Food Fashionista

Taken with Instagram – Golden sky, Golden Gate Bridge

This was a special weekend in San Francisco. It was our crimson icon's 75th Birthday. With a fireworks show that rivaled the most spectacular that many have witnessed in their entire lives, SF went all out for this memorable celebration.

We didn't really do her justice, but my dining companion made this tuna tartare dedication during our dinner at Bourbon Steak. Served using ahi tuna, this classic Mina dish is prepared with pine nuts, mint, sesame oil, and scotch bonnet pepper.

Food-fashionista-bourbon steak- golden gate bridge
We loved the GG Bridge so much, that we ate her.

Happy Birthday, Golden Gate. Thank you so much for being a reliable, sturdy neighbor all these years. You've trail blazed my ventures to the Wine Country and Marin year after year, and no matter how many times we've met, I've remained in constant awe of your beauty and stature.

With love and gratitude,

Food Fashionista




  1. SparkyMin
    29/05/2012 / 1:16 pm

    That is so cute that you made a Golden Gate Bridge!

  2. joe taylor
    29/05/2012 / 4:27 pm

    Is this the same tuna tartare that they serve at chef mina’s other restaurants?

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