Food Fashionista’s DIY Origami Money Ring

Food fashionista - origami dollar ring
I'm Japanese. I take lots of photos, I like raw fish, and yes…I know how to make origami. For those of you who are like "wt* is origami", according to Wikipedia, it's a " traditional Japanese art of paper folding which started in the 17th Century AD". I just remember it as a hobby from my childhood. I'd have a stack of square-colored paper in metallic, pastels, neons, and neutrals and I'd have my origami book and I'd make stuff. Cranes, boxes, yachts (okay, row boats), and rings.

I recently made a ring out of a dollar bill (above), and my friends just loved it. A few chefs I know even wanted to show their kids. And that, my friends is a good thing, since I've found that dollar-bill origami is actually a fantastic way to keep kids entertained at the dining table. Not everyone wants their little ones to bring their video games or coloring books into restaurants, but someone, somewhere always has the dollar bills in their pockets or purse.

Just make sure to carry some $1's or the kiddies may be sporting some pricey origami bling.

For instructions on HOW TO MAKE A MONEY ORIGAMI RING, visit HERE 




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    12/07/2012 / 1:04 pm

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