The Crème Brûlée Cart, Truck and Shop – San Francisco

Creme brulee cart san francisco 

First there was the Creme Brulee Cart, then the truck and now the permanent shop is open at 1246 Folsom Street.  Lucky for us San Franciscans and visitors to this incredible culinary city, we have it insanely good. I mean, when your street food consists of an elegant, rich, custard cream dessert which is most often found on the menus of fine dining restaurants around the world, you got to admit, we are a bit spoiled here. A blow torch is used to caramelize and burn the sugar layer on top. The contrast is pleasing. It's like cracking in to a sweet treasure where all the parts are edible and equally good.

Flavors include classic vanilla, nutella with strawberry bits, mocha, double chocolate, and several more surprises including the always popular lavender-infused creme brulee.

See (and taste) for yourself what the Creme Brulee craze is all about. Oh, and one more thing. If you are a Crème brûlée or French-speaking novice, not to worry. It is pronounced "Krem Broolay" and not Cream Brooleeeeee.

The Creme Brulee Shop
1246 Folsom St. 

Tues. – Thurs. – 12-8pm 
Fri. & Sat. – 12-10pm 
Sun. – 12-6pm

The Creme Brulee Cart
Market @ Sansome

Mon. – 12:30-7pm
Tue. – Fri. – 12-8pm
Sat. – 12:30-7pm
Sun. – 12-5pm 

the creme brulee truck
Market @ Castro

Tues. – Thurs. – 5-11pm
Fri. – Sat. – 12pm-2:30am
Sun.- 12-11pm



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  1. tia
    13/09/2012 / 2:48 pm

    this looks so perfect. creme brulee is the best dessert on earth.

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