Chef Richie Nakano’s Chicken Katsu Sandwich Recipe


Chef Richie Nakano of Hapa Ramen may be a die-hard baseball and San Francisco Giant’s fan, but he hasn’t forgotten that his city is in this year’s Super Bowl. Here’s Richie’s recommended game day recipe:
Chicken Katsu Sandwiches
Sauce3 yellow onion, sliced
3 cups ketchup
1 cup worsteshire sauce
1/2 cup rice vinegar
3 tbsp oil

Sautee onions in hot oil. When caramelized deglaze with vinegar. Add ketchup and worsteshire and cook over low heat until reduced by 1/3. Season.


4 boneless chicken thighs, cleaned of excess fat and silver skin
1 cup flour
3 eggs, beaten
2 cups panko
Oil for frying, heated to 350

Dredge thighs in flour, then egg, then panko. Fry until golden brown. Drain on a wire rack. Season


4 hamburger buns
Cabbage, sliced thinly

Place thigh on bun, top with cabbage and sauce.


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