Velvet Room at CLIFT Chef Thomas Weibull’s Sourdough Cheese Steak Recipe


“Why is this dish my favorite? Well coming from Philly you can’t watch football without Philly Cheese Steak. It’s like drinking water for us. I think I had my first Cheese steak when I was 5 and then once every weekend since then…well when I lived there that is, I can still smell those Amorosa Rolls though this version is more a West Coast style.” – Chef Thomas Weibull

Sourdough Cheese Steak with Homemade Chez Whiz and Crisp Onions Recipe by

Chef Thomas Weibull (Velvet Room at CLIFT


Open face Sour dough Steak Sandwich 

1 Loaf Pullman Sour dough Bread from Panorama Breads (Sliced lengthwise should get 4-6 long slices)

2  lbs Top Round (slice thin)day before may help to slightly freeze meat to get optimal thin slices

Home Made Cheddar Chez & Pickled Jalapeno

1 cup Whole Milk

½  cup cubed Velvetta Cheese

½ cup cubed Cheddar Cheese

Worchester Sauce to taste

Sliced Pickled Jalapeno

Add all in pot and slowly melt cheese until thoroughly mixed can be made a day ahead

 Crisp Onions

2 ea  Sliced Thin Spanish  Onions

Wondra for Dregding for Onions

Fry in until crisp in a fryer

2ea Haas Avocado
 Sliced thin

Heat an iron skillet or a non-stick pan over medium heat and add 3 tablespoons of oil to the pan and saute the slices of meat quickly on both sides. Then toast sourdough that has been buttered on one side in a pan butter side down place cooked meat  on top then ladle Chez whiz  over and remove from pan cut  1 ½  inch slices and top with crisp onions and Avocado




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