Champagne and Nespresso Coffee Espuma Recipe

Sparkling Wine and Nespresso Coffee

What could be better than champagne and coffee? How about when they’re combined together to create one incredibly exciting and chic sparkling cocktail!

A delicate dessert of bubbly champagne gilded with “espuma de café” – a frothing head of delectable coffee foam.


  • Prepare 10 capsules of Volluto Grand Cru espressos (10 x 40 ml/1.5 oz ).
  • Pour them into a jug and add the gelatine sheets.
  • Stir until the gelatine sheets have completely dissolved in the coffee.
  • Pour the syrup and the sugar cane into the jug and mix well.
  • Pour the preparation in the blender, mix and keep refrigerated for about 4 hours.
  • It will be the espuma.
  • Fill half of a  Lungo cup with the champagne and add the espuma on top of it.
  • Serve immediately.

10 minutes, plus 4 hours of chilling time in refrigerator

10 Lungo Cups (10x 150 ml/5 oz)
1 Mixer/blender
1 Jug


  • 10 capsules of Volluto Grand Cru
  • 1 bottle 75 cl / 25.5 oz of champagne
  • 3 gelatine sheets
  • 80 ml / 3 oz of sugar cane syrup
  • 10 g / 0.5 oz of powdered sugar cane

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