Molina in Mill Valley

Molina Mill Valley

Chef Todd Shoberg’s new restaurant Molina opens tonight in downtown Mill Valley. The intimate Doug Washington-designed restaurant is both chic and cozy creating an inviting backdrop for Shoberg’s casual and comforting cuisine. The daily changing menu will highlight just-plucked produce from nearby Marin farms and seafood from local rivers and ocean waters. There will also be an available vegetarian or vegan offering for the health conscious, non-carnivore. Try the Manila clams with pork belly and Calabrian chile in uni broth or the Monterey Black Cod in Douglas fir miso broth. On a side note, the tunes spinning on the record player are groovy, but the acoustics in the place are a bit roaring. They are very aware of the issue and working on a solution.


Molina-MillValley-Food Fashionista

Details = fresh flowers, lit candles, dim lightingimage

Half Chicken with roasted asparagus panzanella, Monterey Black Cod, Hand cut Kennebec fries (oops, ate a few fries pre-photo)imageFor more info, visit Molina


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