Food for Thought @ Tickets Bar – Barcelona, Spain

As we begin this new week, it’s important to remind ourselves to stop, slow down and smell the roses. There really is beauty and always something to be grateful for in all of our lives, if we can just take the time to recognize it.

I took these photos in the whimsical dessert room at Tickets Bar towards the conclusion of my incredibly delightful meal at the playful and renowned restaurant in Barcelona, Spain.

In the center of the fresh rose petals was a dessert sphere of lychee and raspberry with a rosewater gelatin. The rose itself wasn’t edible, but I did end up taking it back home with me. After all, how often does one get a beautiful red rose from the Adrià brothers. Okay, maybe everyone who got that dessert, but to this day, I still admire the rose on my mantel, and it brings back many delicious, course-by-course memories of a mind-blowing meal on a warm summer day in Spain.


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