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Mika Takeuchi Luce Wines

I’ll Have a Chardonnay with Those Ballet Flats…  (original/entire article on SheKnows)


Making a choice in footwear says a lot about a person and their mood, and the same holds true for wine – a person’s vino selection speaks volumes about their personality … not to mention how much it says about what the evening will hold!

Below, please find a sample list of some wine & shoe pairings from Fashionbliss.com and FoodFashionista.com creator Mika Takeuchi – the authority on both what to eat and what to put on your feet:


  • Strappy Stiletto – If this is your choice, go with Luce (www.lucedellavite.it), hands down. It’s your night on the town and you want to shine as much as your wine. The Luce label was inspired by an actual sunburst – and you can’t shine more than that!


  • Ballet Flats: If you opt for these, you want to be comfortable, yet functional but still be stylish. To drink a wine that compliments this, try Cakebread Cellar Chardonnay (www.cakebread.com), a choice that will always feel comfortable, taste wonderful – and will never disappoint.


  • Black Heels – This choice makes it clear that you’re not in the mood to fool around. You know what you like – Audrey Hepburn-like elegance. To match this, choose the quintessential classic – the Oberon Merlot (www.oberonwines.com).


  • Gladiator Sandals – An emerging trend, the darling of the moment. Choosing these often complicated sandals means you want to be ahead of the pack…leading the trend. You’ll undoubtedly want a glass of Penfolds Reserve Riesling (www.penfolds.com).


  • Knee high Boots – These keep you warm, while keeping you out of your less-than-glam Uggs. Stylish, warm and functional, you’ll never go wrong with a glass of M Cabernet Sauvignon. Debuting in October ’09 from Michael Mondavi, as the weather gets cold and you pull out your boots, the fashionable bottle has an edgy design with a silk screened label.



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  1. Eileen
    02/07/2009 / 10:31 pm

    love the concept of shoe and wine pairings. fabulous and glamourous

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