2009 Michelin Guide Los Angeles and Las Vegas VIP Scoop


Food Fashionista is SO Excited! I am on my way to the Michelin Guide 2009 Los Angeles exclusive preview lunch and media briefing today (PHOTOS & DETAILS HERE). Sorry can't tell you where, but I do promise to fill you all in later with exclusive photos and details as if you were right there with me.

In the next couple days, Food Fashionista will be in Las Vegas for the 2009 Michelin Guide Collection VIP Event at the Wynn (PHOTOS & DETAILS HERE). I promise to share all the inside scoop with fabulous photos of this exclusive red carpet event.

Oh and be on the look out for Mika's Guest Explorer writings for The Michelin Guide which will be up on the Michelin Guide website in the mid, latter part of November. I will keep you all posted, so don't worry about missing out on it. What makes it even more exciting, is that you, yes you have the opportunity to be a weekly MICHELIN Discovery winner of a $150 gift certificate or the grand prize winner of a "tailor made Michelin Guide discovery weekend in New York City!"

For more details on Michelin Guide Discovery Contest, visit MICHELIN Guide Discovery



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  1. Rosanne S
    20/10/2008 / 8:33 pm

    Hi Mika-
    I cannot wait to see the coverage you provide for the Michelin party. A friend of mine forwarded your site to me and I have been visiting every day. I feel like your blog gives us readers the feeling of being at all these vip events with you which is such a nice treat during the work day when I read your material. Thank you for my daily foodie escape.

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