Chef Akira Back’s Edible Poetry… from James Beard Dinner

Akira Back Yellowtail Bellagio 

Tai with lime air, smoked octopus with truffle sesame oil, foie torchon with kumamoto oysters, boiled cod with yuzu sake froth, " kal bi jjim" braised kobe short rib with quail egg, and green tea kasutera

Here at Food Fashionista, we appreciate exquisite cuisine in both aesthetic and edible form. So even though it's been a couple months, we thought we'd share this in the moment snap shot of Chef Akira Back's dinner at the James Beard House. Chef Back had previously worked with Japanese culinary masters Morimoto and Nobu, and is currently the Executive Chef of Yellowtail at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. The description of his menu sampling at the Beard House is pure edible poetry and we can't wait to go back to Vegas for more of his haute cuisine.

And if you happen to be in Korea today, grab a copy of Chef Back's first book which comes out in Korea today. For all you Yellowtail fans, Akira assured us he plans on doing an English cookbook in the future. And did we mention…we love the hot pink Akira!

Akira back book korean



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