Bouchon’s Steak Frites – a Perfect Pairing


Yountville, Las Vegas & Beverly Hills…oh my, what a triple threat. They are destinations that couldn’t be so different, yet share a commonality that other cities just plain, well envy. They all have a Bouchon residing in all three locales where Thomas Keller’s Steak Frites are within close proximity.

The juicy, prime flat-iron steak, prepared medium rare with melted maître d’hôtel butter and carmelized shallots is reason enough to make a visit to Bouchon if you haven’t already. And we can’t forget the french fries. Oh yes, those fries. Chef Keller proves not only does he have the 3-Star Michelin cooking down pat, but he too can deliver the casual bistro fair in a relaxed environment and make it star-worthy.

During a visit to a recently opened dining spot in the Bay Area, I ordered the Steak Frites and was a bit underwhelmed, to say the least when I received a rubbery steak with over salted fries. And despite the almost $30 per entree price tag at lunch, I still managed to see the positive. It reminded me how much Chef Keller and team know exactly what they are doing. It also made me feel quite blessed that there are two Bouchons within a not to far driving distance from home.

For more info on Bouchon, visit their website HERE

  • Since this article was written, the Bouchon in Beverly Hills has unfortunately closed. You can still visit in the other cities, but Yountville is my favorite location.



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