GQ’s 10 Best New Restaurants in America

photo credit: Julien Capmell GQ

GQ correspondent Alan Richman crisscrossed the country from Brooklyn to Austin to Seattle in search of GQ's best new restaurants. After thousands of miles (and countless calories), California scored three on the top 10 list with Venice's The Tasting Kitchen at #4, San Francisco’s Flour + Water at #2, and Oakland’s Commis at #9. Full list includes:

  1. Lincoln – New York, NY
  2. Flour + Water – San Francisco, CA
  3. The Kitchen at Brooklyn Fare – Brooklyn, NY (pictured above)
  4. The Tasting Kitchen – Venice, CA
  5. Grüner– Portland, OR
  6. The Walrus and the Carpenter – Seattle, WA
  7. Uchiko – Austin, TX
  8. Menton – Boston, MA
  9. Commis – Oakland, CA
  10. Longman & Eagle – Chicago, IL

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