Whole Beast Swine Sundaes at Cochon 555 – San Francisco

Chef John Fink's Whole Beast Sundae

Last night following the fierce, but overall friendly competition for the title of Cochon 555 San Francisco's Prince of Porc, the celebration stumbled to the SOMA district for more pork indulgence. And though SPQR's ultra-talented, yet humble Matthew Accarrino won the title at the main event, Chef John Fink of The Whole Beast was killing it, no pun intended with his pig offerings for the continuing post-Cochon 555 party attendees.

You'd think that five-plus hours of continuous pigging out (literally) would be enough to make one run the opposite direction at the sight of another porky dish, but not this die-hard group of oinksters. Instead these same people (including moi) who kept repeatedly saying "I am so stuffed, I can't eat anymore", continued the worship of the swine at an after-party at Bloodhound, a laid-back, dimly-lit, casual and cozy bar equipped with jukebox, pool table, and drinks served in Mason jars.


Chef Fink got the Cochon-obsessed back on their feet, once again forming single-file lines for a sampling of his make-your-own Whole Beast Sundaes. The enticing combo of sweet and savory consisted of a Milk fed porcelet confit in sweet vermouth spices and herbs served in a waffle cone with a "faux ice cream" – vanilla sticky rice ice cream. It was accompanied with a rich Templeton Rye Caramel sauce, pork cracklin's with a sweet vermouth glaze, pistachios, brandied soaked Luxardo cherries, and candied orange peel.

More photos of Cochon 555 San Francisco to come…




  1. Estelle
    07/06/2011 / 2:17 am

    Hi Mika!

    A fan from Europe here. This dish looks and sounds something I’d like. I emailed you for some requests for our visit to US this Summer.

    Thank you, Estelle

  2. MissPiggy
    07/06/2011 / 12:02 pm

    I guess I won’t be finding this at Basking Robbins! 🙂

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